Wise Judgment

Topics: Morality, Choice, Humans Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: July 18, 2012
Wise Judgment
When making a decision there are many things that a person must consider. There are five different components to wise judgment. A person must have some knowledge of what a human is programmed to do and what is socially acceptable. This is called “factual knowledge” (Bolt, 2004, p. 94). The person needs to understand the different roles that each person in his or her life play and how they may not play the same part twenty years from now. This is called “lifespan conceptualism” (Bolt, 2004 p. 94). Knowing that humans have no control over and cannot know the future is needed in decision making. This is known as “recognition and management of uncertainty” (Bolt, 2004 p. 94). Finally the person needs to recognize the differences in individuals and complete cultures when it comes to values and priorities. This component is called “relatism regarding solutions” (Bolt, 2004 p. 94). Some people may have the ability naturally just to know what to do however, most of us have to stop and think about these different components in order to make the right decision. For example, a seven year old child steals a box of cookies. In this situation, what does a mother do? What would be the most appropriate way to handle this situation? It is important that the mother understands that it is in the child’s nature to take what she sees. The child does not know any better though it is imperative that she realize that it is not socially acceptable to steal from anyone including the store she stole the cookies from. Because of her actions, the child has caused a conflict not only with the store but also with her mother. A parent needs to be able to advise their children on how to behave. Simply telling the child that it is wrong may not work. In the parent showing the child how what they did was wrong may help push the issue. The best time in a person life to learn new things, such as values, is as a child. It is the mother’s role to teach her child...
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