Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

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  • Published : April 13, 2011
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Wisdom Teeth Symptoms
Irritation: Due to the space insufficiency in the mouth, wisdom teeth sometimes get trapped and lead to irritation. You may feel uneasy and uncomfortable because of the irritation. Pain: A localized infection is observed around the wisdom teeth, which is known as 'pericoronitis', which leads to pain in the affected area. Wisdom teeth pain is the most exhibited symptom amongst the infected wisdom teeth symptoms. Facial Swelling: Facial swelling can be because of the 'impacted wisdom teeth' which have erupted at wrong angles or at wrong positions. But it can be because of worsened pericoronitis also. The swelling can also be observed around the ear and the throat. This is the most common amongst the impacted wisdom teeth symptoms. Sour Throat and Nausea: When pericoronitis spreads into the deeper tissues of the face and jaw, sour throat or nausea are observed as the main symptoms. Fever: Many times, due to pericoronitis, the body temperature can rise and fatigue can be noted. Difficulty in Swallowing: Difficulty in opening the jaw, difficulty in swallowing are commonly discussed wisdom teeth symptoms. Pus: Due to the infection around the wisdom teeth, sometimes formation of pus near the gum is observed. Swollen Lymph Glands: Because of the worsened infection or impacted wisdom teeth, there can be swelling of the lymph glands under the jaw, resulting in pain in throat. Reddened and Inflamed Gum: Because of the erupting wisdom teeth, gum around the wisdom teeth is generally reddened or inflamed. Difficulty in Brushing: Difficulty in brushing and flossing is a commonly observed symptom of the upcoming wisdom teeth. Chewing Problem: Impacted wisdom teeth may grate against the cheek, after leaning sideways. This may lead to ulcers on the cheek resulting in chewing problem. Cysts or Tumor: Very rarely, cysts or tumors are observed around the impacted wisdom teeth. Unerupted wisdom teeth, which are impacted in the jaw bone, may result in the...
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