Wisdom and Action Scenerio

Topics: Law, Morality, Human rights Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: July 7, 2011
Wisdom and Action Scenario
1.The known facts of this case is that the director needed help providing a salary for her workers, she got 3 times as much donation as she needed, and at least two of the foundations asked that the money be used for what it was requested. 2.The potential stakeholders are: the agency, grantors, director, and the workers who will get the money. 3.For input, advice, and consultation I would first call the foundations and ask what they would like me to do with the money. I would then discuss it with other agency leaders within the company. 4.My conscience tells me that this situation is a little tricky. You have been given more money than you need and need to figure out what to do with it without violating any type of law. I would do what I felt was right in that situation. 5.The good outcomes of the stakeholders are that the money would be a big blessing to the director and the workers. The bad outcomes are that maybe the money would be used for things other than what they should be, and laws could be violated.

The forces that need to be considered are those that involve the law. The civil obligation to the organization and the community involves being honest and loyal to the community as part of an organization. Following your values and keeping a personal moral code to stand by is very important within human service organizations.
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