Wisdom According to Rene' Descartes

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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To Challenge the Course of Our Personal Knowledge
“It indicates rather that the capacity to judge correctly and to distinguish the true from the false, which is properly what one calls common sense or reason, is naturally equal in all men, and consequently that the diversity of our opinions does not spring from some of us being more able to reason than others, but only from our conducting our thoughts along different lines and not examining the same thing” Rene’ Descartes pg. (1)

“Discourse on Method” by Rene’ Descartes
Wisdom, according to Rene’ Descartes, can be reached when an individual abandons all other influence and challenges the course of their own personal knowledge by seeking supreme understanding. He believed that everybody is capable of wisdom, but to gain it a person must challenge their very own mind. In the book, “Discourse on Method”, Descartes describes his method for understanding by first letting go of all prior teachings and just accepting the facts that his own mind has come up with. He accepts only what can’t be doubted and encourages others to reach the exceedance of their wisdom by creating their own maxims.

“I considered that nothing solid could have been built on such shifting foundations” (Descartes, pg. 32 ). Descartes separates himself from philosophers by only accepting the learning’s of his own personal experiences. He see’s philosophy as the combination of too many contradicting opinions about one subject that any which one could be true or false, but praises his learning’s from school at the same time. It’s as if he realizes that one needs school as a foundation for the mind, but that urges one to not just accept everything that one is taught. School as a child enlightens us to the world through other people’s eyes, Rene’ just decided to see everything for himself. Trust nothing that you can figure out for yourself.

The only way you should learn from another person should be through the art of observation. How can we...
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