Topics: Attack, Attack!, Turkey Pages: 2 (916 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Lawrence begins chapter 108 with Nasir attacking railway stations to disrupted and kill the Turkish army by stopping travel and communications. After the attacks on Hesa and the other stations were complete Lawrence describes in great detail a painful punishment that one of the soldiers, Mustafa, had to endure. Men came by and picked long thorns off a bush and one by one stabbed their thorn in to Mustafa. Lawrence did not say what Mustafa did but he did show a very important part of the Arabs beliefs. This man laid down voluntarily and had dozens of thorns pushed in to his body without saying a word of rebuttal. This showed true discipline in their ranks. While Lawrence and the Arabs were able to disrupted and torment the Turks by capturing railways from Sultani in the north to Jurf in the south the Turks still had air superiority and were utilizing it with great effectiveness. By dropping bombs and strafing the Arabs the Turks are able to kill many men and camels. On his way to Aneyza Lawrence and his two companions were intercepted Hejaia and Jaafar dressed in Turkish uniforms. This meant not only were the Arabs able to disrupt the Turks but they could now infiltrate them. In Chapter 110 Lawrence takes the time to describe a large scale attack that is being planned by Arabs and himself . The main goals of this plan are to detour the Turks from attacking Aba el Lissan, attack Deraa Damascus, and move into the Beni Sakhr. To occupy three locations at once would require a great amount of uniformed men and Lawrence addresses this issue and offers solutions. Lawrence believes that they should strengthen the number of Arab regulars and believes that they should add some of Akaba’s men to their unit so they will have 10,000 strong and have a numerical advantage. Lawrence traveled to Egypt to express his point of view and to request in person for more men. The result of this trip could make or break the Arab front. Lawrence is a good tactician and military leader,...
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