Wireline Tractor Technology

Topics: Coiled tubing, Well intervention, Oil well Pages: 8 (2463 words) Published: February 13, 2011
Wireline Tractor Techonology
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Abstract The current increasing trend in the oil and gas industry to secure future reserves drives a demand for increasingly complex well design in highly deviated, horizontal and even ERD with various downhole hardware. A way of optimizing mechanical inventions is the utilization of establishes downhole wireline technology in order to make it possible to perform reliable, economical and flexible interventions. Especially, it will make a cost effective alternative to traditional intervention method and coil tubing. This paper is seperated in two main parts. First is a basic concept of wireline tractor and then the applied fuction of wireline tractor with scale milling techology will be discussed. Wireline tractor and its essential compartible downhole equipments, wireline stroker and wireline key, will be discussed in the first part include benefit and adventages of the application of these technologies by way of actual case history. Moreover, use of wireline tractor in production logging tool programe will be discussed. Wireline tractor milling operation at high-temperature condition will be described in the second part include surface equipment normally used, operating plan, result, and discussion of pro and con compare with coil tubing. All of this base on history case of Asgard field. The case histories provided substantiate the benefit that this new technology is able to provide to the global operating community, regardless of environment and well type.

Introduction Due to increasing of oil and gas demand nowsaday, complex completion designs for maximizing production of hydrocarbon for as long as possible are created. For complex reservoir, well design and production strategy must be evaluted carefully. So the conventional wireline technology can’t be used to operate in these kinds of wells. For example highly deviated wells, horizontal wells, and extended reach drilled (ERD) wells. Downhole wireline tractor technology is invented to serve this problem. The manipulation and/or replacement of downhole hardware components in conjunction with wireline stroker and wireline key (intelligent shifting tool) applications makes it possible to perform reliable, economical, and flexible intervention such as opening/ closing SSDs or valves, setting and retrieving plugs, straddles and GLVs, also in horizontal and ERD well. Moreover, wireline tracter can be applied with milling tool for scale milling job in high temperature well. This operation has been performed at Åsgard since 2003.

The Modular Downhole Tractor (MDT) The modular downhole tractor is a wireline deployed system use to convey wireline tool, sumassembly or perforating gun into difficult-to-access areas. There are 3 main equipments of MDT that are wireline tractor, wireline stroker, and wireline key.



Wireline Tractor Wireline trator services were commercially introduced in 1996, aiming to provide a highly cost-effective alternative to coil tubing and snubbing interventions in horizontal and high-angle wells. This technology was primary used for conveyance of diagnotis logging tools and traditional operation such as perforation and plug setting. Because it achieved a reliable track record, wireline tractor was applied with other technologies for do a specific job in, especially, horizontal and high-deviated well. As shown in figure 1, wireline tractor is modular enabling a number of sections, which are electronics section connect with actuator and drive arm/wheels below. In order to provide the maximum force to drive the passenger tool combination along the well, wireline tractor use DC powerd in control panals and communications section while the remaning parts and functions are hydraulic. So it can drive both up and downhole. When actived, the wheels are hydraulically deployed out of the body and start to rotate automatically. Each wheel rotates by its own independent...
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