Wireless Technology in Other Sectors and Comparing Access Points

Topics: IEEE 802.11, Wi-Fi, Wireless network Pages: 4 (1194 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Wireless Networking
Wireless Technology in Other Sectors
and Comparing Access Points

Mansour Rizoev

ANSWER TO QUESTION 1: REPORT ON WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY IN OTHER SECTORS (WIRELESS IN THE MILITARY) The aim of this report to research how to use wireless in a different areas: military, biologist , logistics, finance, etc. Wireless becomes an integral part of life, and it uses in cafes, in trucks, in buildings, in undergrounds, in airs etc.

Why we use wireless? It is useful, convenient, mobility. For example: If you are siting in café with your mobile phone or other devices. You can use wireless to connect to an Internet, to talking with your friends , to transmitting data, to watching videos etc. The purpose of my talking is wireless in a military. In our contemporary world many military companies develop weapons. Weapons need without the participation of people. The army is using wireless, for example to transmit a lot of data the agency DARPA developed LTE. The LTE is used to provide a data rate of 30 Mbps. The new standard is able to provide a stable connection at a distance of about 200 km between the two aircraft. Between the aircraft and ground facilities connection will be established at a distance of about 96 kilometers. The weather should not affect the connection. And the secure wireless protocol TCDL provides a data rate of 250 Mbps. This network is used for transmitting maps, photos, orders, videos and much more information.

In modern warfare, the army need know about the enemy. The Army uses HART managing a several UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle). The HART communicates with manned strike aircraft and artillery units and research a battlefield. The UAV needs a command to the destruction of the target.

Any pilot of the aircraft was able to see the picture of a high-power optical sensors, and even distinguish individuals at a distance of several kilometers. Any soldier is used mobile phone or laptop , to...
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