Wireless Technology

Topics: Mobile phone, Laptop, Bluetooth Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Wireless technology is a crucial necessity for businesses in a world were technology rules. Smartphones well assuredly help in Party Plates stay in touch with its employees as well as keep employers informed of business proceedings in house. These phones allow communication thru voice and text as would any normal cell phone. The benefits of a smartphone go beyond talk and text. With today’s ability to download applications for your phone, your smartphone can be adapted to track and analyze your sales. Your phone could be used as a credit card machine. Information regarding the business can be sent to a storage application known as The Cloud. This storage application allows the user to have the information readily available to selected devices. The introduction of smartphones to Party Plates business would be very beneficial. Wireless internet and wireless capable devices would also be great instruments to implement in the Party Plates business. Wireless internet also known as Wi-Fi would allow the company to access the internet. Your Wi-Fi can be secured through a password so that only designated users can use the service. Wi-Fi services can be used with your smartphones, tablets, laptops, IPads, and many other wireless capable devices. Wi-Fi can be beneficial during store meetings and information from the internet can be projected so that attendees may see and hear. Wireless would also allow the business the capability to access the internet in order to update the company’s website, or check and track orders made via the internet. Wireless technology as an added tool in Party Plates will allow all aspects of the business to be constantly in touch. Rather it be GPS on the smartphones to allow Party Plates to track a delivery man’s route or use of Wi-Fi so that participants can review the company’s data on various devices, at the company’s lunch meeting.
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