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Wireless System Architecture:How Wireless Works.  Wireless System Components.

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Wireless networks utilize components similar to wired networks; however, wireless networks must convert information signals into a form suitable for transmission through the air medium. Even though wireless networks directly contribute only to a portion of the overall network infrastructure, attention to all network functions is necessary to counter impairments resulting from the wireless medium. In this paper we discuss concepts common to all types of wireless networks, with emphasis on components and information signals.

1. What is wireless network  Wide Area Networks (WANs)  Local Area Networks (LANs)  Personal Area Networks (PANs) 2. Wireless Network System Components        User. Computer device. PC card. Air medium. NIC Bridges. Router.

3. How Wireless Networks Work. 4. Wireless Technology Standards. 5. Wireless Speed & Range. 6. Wireless Network Infrastructures  Base Stations  Access Controllers  Application Connectivity Software  Terminal Emulation 7. How 802.11 Wireless Works 8. Building a Wireless Network


What is a wireless network?
A wireless network is like any other computer network. It connects computers to computer networks but without the need for physical wire connections. A wireless network can provide network access to computers, databases, the Internet and OPACs, both within and between buildings. The lack of a physical connection means that users are able to roam or work wherever they wish and still have access to the computer network. There are three main types of wireless network:    Wide Area Networks (WANs) Local Area Networks (LANs) Personal Area Networks (PANs)

A Wide Area Network is a computer network that spans a relatively large geographical area. WANs typically allow multi-site organizations like universities to connect to the same network. A Wireless WAN (WWAN) connects geographically disparate sites using satellite or radio transmitters. WWANs can have a range of up to 38 kilometers and are already being used across campuses and towns. They can be much cheaper than a traditional network, more flexible and easier to install.

WIRELESS LANS A Local Area Network allows computers at one geographical location to share information and devices such as printers. WLANs can usually support data rates of 11 Mbps (megabits per second), and have a range of 30-300 meters, with signals being able to pass through walls. Wireless LANs offer many advantages over traditional wired networks, such as mobility, flexibility, scalability and speed, simplicity and reduced cost of installation.

A PAN is a Personal Area Network. This is a network which allows electronic devices within a few meters of each other to communicate and synchronies information. The leading force in PANs is Bluetooth, a short-range radio technology which simplifies communication between different devices. The only drawbacks to Bluetooth, compared with a wireless LAN, are its slower data rate and a range of only 10 meters - however,...
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