Wireless Security Proposal

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  • Published : June 26, 2012
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Wireless Network Security Proposal

As the businesses are emerging, they require advanced technologies. Wireless technologies are facilitating the businesses in many different ways. Wireless devices and wireless transmission media are technologies used in today’s business. Latest wireless devices such as I-phones, I-pads, laptops, PDA’s and tablets provides businesses with various flexibilities. Companies are finding it convenient and productive to use wireless devices for several reasons. First and foremost, wireless technology is sweeping the world, and becoming a plus in the business atmosphere. Many business owners apply these tools to their companies because of the convenience of using them. Wireless technology is telecommunications used to carry a signal without wires, done by electromagnetic waves. Wi-Fi is a popular computer network service that uses the internet to transmit data wirelessly; usually done on a laptop or tablet. Many business owners are switching to the tablets or laptops because you can take these small mobile computers anywhere and these do the same things as a big computer. Wireless networking has been an issue of security since its creation. With early technology it was simple to steal someone’s data or connect into their LAN. Some advances were made, such as encryption and the need for MAC (media access control) addresses on the access point, but it was still relatively simple to bypass these security methods. New solutions in wireless networking security such as CCE, WPA, and AES are helping to destroy misconceptions and improve security. The first real standard for wireless security was WEP (Wired Equivalent Protection). It did not live up to its name. WEP offered only basic security. There are free utilities available online which can be used to find wireless networks and attempt to gain access, such as AirSnort. Its simplicity to crack comes from the use of a static 40 bit encryption key. This key had to be entered manually on...
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