Wireless Security Policy

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Security Policy for Acme Manufacturing.

The purpose of the Acme Manufacturing Wireless Security Policy is to outline all of the requirements that must be met as far as security. This policy will ensure that we maintain integrity, confidentiality and availability for all the wireless devices that are utilized to transmit sensitive information. Policy

All Acme Manufacturing divisions and offices shall ensure the security of their wireless communications by employing the control methods described below. The methods have to meet the standards of the Office of Information Technology Services. Roles and Responsibilities

The Information Assurance Security Office (IASO) has a direct responsibility of developing and maintains standards, grant implementations guidelines and up to date training in the proper way to ensure security. IASO and his personal staff will be responsible for monitoring network security and enforcing stands, policies and procedures. Each Acme Manufacturing office is responsible for managing their own data and resources, to include wireless communication devices... In some situations, the Acme Manufacturing division or office may indenture the Division of Information Resources Management (DIRM) or an outsourced unit to lever this responsibility. • If DIRM manages the Acme Manufacturing ITS environment or application, DIRM shall accept full responsibility of the implementation of wireless security controls.

* The Acme Information Security Officials (ISO) shall serve as the security point of contact for the organization. The ISO is primarily responsible for providing security oversight and reporting security-related incidents to the PSO. Implementation

Wireless networks permit computers to be unified using typical network protocols such as IP. Wireless networking technology relies on radio frequencies and data transmission. The most commonly used wireless standard is the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers...
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