Wireless Security and Threats

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  • Published : May 8, 2011
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University Of Lahore (UOL)

Summery of 15 Research Papers

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Natash Ali Mian
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1. Introduction.
In this tram paper we try to focus on wireless security and threats. Now a day wireless networking is get fame day by day and mostly user prefer or like wireless network because it easy to use. WLAN wireless local area network popularity gained is due to many reasons such as ease of installation flexibility mobility reduced cost of ownership and scalability. 2. Security and privacy issues in Wireless Network.

The problem of WEP protocol where wireless network using WEP is secure but restricted meaning that people need to know a secret key in order to connect to the network. The WEP security flaws and access the progress made towards replacing WEP. Wired networks are prone to the same attacks as wireless ones including sniffing spoofing and Man in the middle attacks MITM. WLAN needs a mechanism to counter this threat. 3. Problems and vulnerabilities in Wireless Network.

Typically a WLAN operates in the same fashion as a wired LAN except that data is transported through a wireless medium rather than cables. The following sections describe common threats that WLANs are faced with and some countermeasures that can be employed to protect against such threats. Eavesdropping unauthorized access Physical threats Interference and jamming

4. Attacks at Wireless Network.
As WEP has been shown to be vulnerable to multiple attacks, a huge effort has been placed on specifying an access control mechanism to be used in wireless installations. However, properties of the wireless environment have been exploited to perform multiple attacks against current solutions, such as 802.11/802.1X. These attacks include the denial of service attacks, the man in the middle attacks and the...
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