Wireless Power Transmission

Topics: Electric power transmission, Wireless energy transfer, Nikola Tesla Pages: 8 (2433 words) Published: October 9, 2012
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Wireless Power Transmission – A Next Generation Power Transmission System S. Sheik Mohammed
Faculty of Engineering, Dhofar University, PB No.2509 Salalah, Sultanate of Oman.

K. Ramasamy
Professor Kamaraj College of Engg. and Tech., Virudunagar, Tamilnadu, India

T. Shanmuganantham
Professor and Head Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Inst. of Engg .and Tech., Karaikal, (Govt. of Pondicherry Institution), India

In this paper, we present the concept of transmitting power without using wires i.e., transmitting power as microwaves from one place to another is in order to reduce the transmission and distribution losses. This concept is known as Microwave Power transmission (MPT). We also discussed the technological developments in Wireless Power Transmission (WPT). The advantages, disadvantages, biological impacts and applications of WPT are also presented.

Nikola Tesla he is who invented radio and shown us he is indeed the “Father of Wireless”. Nikola Tesla is the one who first conceived the idea Wireless Power Transmission and demonstrated “the transmission of electrical energy without wires" that depends upon electrical conductivity as early as 1891[2]. In 1893, Tesla demonstrated the illumination of vacuum bulbs without using wires for power transmission at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The Wardenclyffe tower shown in Figure 1 was designed and constructed by Tesla mainly for wireless transmission of electrical power rather than telegraphy [3].

Key Words
Microwave Power transmission (MPT), Nikola Tesla, Rectenna, Solar Power Satellites (SPS), Wireless Power transmission (WPT).

One of the major issue in power system is the losses occurs during the transmission and distribution of electrical power. As the demand increases day by day, the power generation increases and the power loss is also increased. The major amount of power loss occurs during transmission and distribution. The percentage of loss of power during transmission and distribution is approximated as 26%. The main reason for power loss during transmission and distribution is the resistance of wires used for grid. The efficiency of power transmission can be improved to certain level by using high strength composite over head conductors and underground cables that use high temperature super conductor. But, the transmission is still inefficient. According to the World Resources Institute (WRI), India’s electricity grid has the highest transmission and distribution losses in the world – a whopping 27%. Numbers published by various Indian government agencies put that number at 30%, 40% and greater than 40%. This is attributed to technical losses (grid’s inefficiencies) and theft [1]. Any problem can be solved by state–of-the-art technology. The above discussed problem can be solved by choose an alternative option for power transmission which could provide much higher efficiency, low transmission cost and avoid power theft. Microwave Power Transmission is one of the promising technologies and may be the righteous alternative for efficient power transmission. Figure1.The 187-foot Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla Tower) In 1904, an airship ship motor of 0.1 horsepower is driven by transmitting power through space from a distance of least 100 feet [4]. In 1961, Brown published the first paper proposing microwave energy for power transmission, and in 1964 he demonstrated a microwave-powered model helicopter that received all the power needed for flight from a microwave beam at 2.45 GHz [5] from the range of 2.4GHz – 2.5 GHz frequency band which is reserved


©2010 International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Volume 1 – No. 13 for Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) applications. Experiments in power transmission without wires in the range of tens of kilowatts have been performed at...
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