Wireless Matrix/Vulnerabilities

Topics: Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11, Wi-Fi Protected Access Pages: 3 (487 words) Published: May 6, 2012
|Security Protection |Brief Description |Vulnerabilities |Prevention | |MAC address filtering |refers to a security access |While the restriction of network access|While giving a wireless | | |control method whereby the |through the use of lists is |network some additional | | |48-bit address assigned to each |straightforward, an individual person |protection, MAC filtering can | | |network card is used to |is not identified by a MAC address, |be circumvented by scanning a | | |determine access to the network.|rather a device only, so an authorized |valid MAC (via airodump-ng) | | | |person will need to have a whitelist |and then spoofing one's own | | | |entry for each device that he or she |MAC into a validated one. This| | | |would use to access the network. |can be done in the Windows | | | | |Registry or by using | | | | |commandline tools on a Linux | | | | |platform. | |Open system authentication: |the default authentication |Low deployment costs make wireless |It can be used with WEP (Wired| |service set identifier beaconing |protocol for the 802.11...
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