Wireless Devices and Applications

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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Wireless Devices and Applications (WDA)|
Wireless Devices and Applications Project|


The topic I will be discussing will focus on is a deployment plan for WDAs and designing an effective user interface for wireless devices. In my paper I will outline a technique for quantifying design and quality assurance for wireless development. The example I will use is a WAP application, you can use the same set of principles and mathematical models to quantify other types of mobile and wireless applications. Here are some of the issues I will be discussing in my topic. Limited bandwidth: Is the bandwidth that is given to a device through an internet company or cell phone company which in turn then is cycled through a router or a wireless device. Each one of these devices also limits the amount of bandwidth you may receive at a time, because of these devices being so small there is a restriction bandwidth limit that the device can handle Intermittent connection: Means your internet connection is not consistent all of the time there could be a hardware device problem or there could be problems on your internet service provider’s side. Phone and internet towers sometimes have interference problems due to radio interference. If routine maintenance was performed on the service towers it would probably cut down on the intermittent connection. Sometimes the towers get so crowded that all circuits get busy not allowing you to make a call or send data till the traffic goes down. Limited battery life: Battery power is the life of your device since it is not powered by a power supply it uses a battery, and the battery must be charged from time to time for maximum performance. Having limited battery life can be a hassle. I would try to come up with some sort of small compact solar panel device that attaches on your phone keeping it charged at all times keeping your battery charged for long periods of use.. Limited...
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