Wireless Devices and Applications

Topics: Wireless, Bluetooth, Wireless network Pages: 7 (2443 words) Published: September 21, 2008
In these modern times when communication has become a fundamental tool for progress and advancement on many terms, it is already considered an imperative for many companies and businesses to improve their communication and information technology. The advent of new technologies and the introduction of newer softwares and tools necessary for survival in the tough and competitive market make it possible for many businesses and companies to reach their employees, other partner markets or businesses and even their customers while on the move. This is the gift of wireless devices and applications technology. Wireless devices and applications (WDA) are used by many organizations in their various operations because it has many benefits. First, it is cost effective- the amount that a company would spend in order to disseminate information and connect with other significant people is outweighed by the benefits it bring to the company such as higher customer count and user satisfaction, faster transactions, employees can bring their unfinished tasks wherever they are. Second, WDAs are simple and convenient to use. A task can be carried out effectively within a few taps of the screen or a few presses of the keypad. Wireless technology has indeed torn down the barriers of communication and redefined the role of what a traditional office looks like and how it should operate (Edwards, 2004). More than that, even companies make use of wireless technology to reach out to the masses making more profit through the wireless media (Markoff, 2004). This probably brought about the broad acceptance of WDA in countries that elected to include wireless numbers in their DA databases (Green, 2002). Wireless devices and applications are ubiquitous. With each employee e.g. sales representatives or agents having their own wireless device, they can easily be in contact with their prospect customers, woo them and give them a sales talk whenever, wherever. This bridges the gap between the office infrastructures and the customers’ mobile environment thus preventing communication delays and the slow down of business transactions and operations. II.PROBLEM STATEMENT

With thousands to even millions being spent for this part of the company, it is just necessary that WDAs should bring more benefits than detriments to a business. But wireless devices and applications, how perfect they might seem, also have some few drawbacks which can lead to some serious consequences in the larger perspective. MULTIPLE CONTACT NUMBERS. This might seem a little simple and less likely to cause business collapse but truth is, when a company gives out multiple contacts for the customers to run to, customers would tend to get confused as to which number they should contact. Often, the numbers they contact may be unreachable, busy or just purely non-existing mobile employees. On the part of the company, mobile employees with too many contacts might also end up contacting persons which will bring no effect to the company’s sale, i.e. uninterested customer, wrong numbers, etc. What is worse is that for every call being put on the line, the company is paying for it. Regardless of the result, be it a prospect customer or a useless one, the company would be responsible for the airtime used. In this situation, two things might possibly happen to the company. One is that they might be paying too much for nothing, just ineffective wireless communication techniques resulting to losses. The other one, their customers might just end up losing their satisfaction and jump over another competitor company. Either way, the company with multiple contact number loses a lot. VOICE MAIL JAIL. This is probably one of the most irksome blunders in the WDA world. Voice mail jail- as the term clearly suggests, the customer is like being put in prison and actually fails to reach the line he or she wants to reach. All the customer can hear is the operator giving instructions on which...
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