Wired Communication Media

Topics: Optical fiber, Coaxial cable, Twisted pair Pages: 7 (2279 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Tons of data is transmitted on day to day basis from one point to another. Data comes in all various forms, physical and virtual. All different application comes with different requirements for data transfer. There is lots of data sitting at one place that needs to transmitted for various different purposes So, there is a definite need of transmitting data. Author in this paper is attempting to address all the possible available wires and cables in the wired communication media for transmission. Author will also be analyzing their history, invention, types, categories, applications, advantages and disadvantages of the transmitting channel available. Keywords: Data, Signals, Wires, Cables,

Communication has been around since the beginning of the mankind in one form of another. Its existence is been recognized even before formal language came was formed. People have been communicating through various different vocal indications, signals and gestures. Almost all organization in the world relies on data and signals in some form of the other to run their regular operations and accomplish their goals. Data comes in all forms physical and virtual. Businesses need data, its transmission and storage for smooth functioning. The main concern is transmission of virtual data from one machine to another. This can be for various discrete reasons such as read-only, modifications and updating. Thus, a reliable means of communication is needed for transfer of data (William & Sawyer, 2007). There are plenty different kinds of communication media (channels) currently used to satisfy the growing needs of people. Communication media is largely divided into two groups wired media (conducting media) and wireless media. Wired media provides a path for the signal through wires (optical fiber is also included). It was the wired communication media which pioneered in transforming the way the people talked to one another over greater distances or through previously impenetrable barriers. In wireless media, the communication medium is either air or the atmosphere or space through which the signal travels. Although the current trends are increasingly moving towards use of wireless communication systems but wired systems are still as relevant as they possibly have been because wires still an important element in achieving high speeds for both data and signal can either analog or digital. (Ray & Acharya, 2004).

Need for Data Transfer
In today’s data driven world, there is no cap on form or type of information that needs to be shared between employees, business partners and clients. Organizations just cannot trust anyone to handle their most sensitive data. Thus, a secured passage for data transmission from one device to another is certainly critical. Data usually is collection of lots of forms of information which needs to be stored and maintained for several as per needed purposes. It is normally stored on disks and tapes but when it needs to transmitted it needs to be converted into signals for transfer. In order for the travelling signals to transmit, there are different types of media available to facilitate communication. A type of them, wired media are briefly explained in the following section of this paper (Kittler , 1996). Wired Communication Media – Wires and Cables

Wired communication media typically refers to data transmission over a wire based communication technology. Wired communication generally refers to physical cabling within a network where the signals are transmitted onto the physical medium i.e. wires. These wires are no longer made up of metal, but glass. These are also called as conducting transmission technologies such as telephone network, internet access, cable television and fiber optic communication. Electromagnetism which is wave guide used for high power applications is also considered as wired line. Alternatively, transmissions of data which don’t rely on wires (cables) are...
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