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Computers are not very intelligent devices, but they handle instructions flawlessly and fast. They must follow explicit directions from both the user and computer programmer. Computers are really nothing more than a very powerful calculator with some great accessories. Applications like word processing and games are just a very complex math problem.

A computer is a basic technology that is a better resource to other than books,radio, and also is more accurate on all topics and many different features. The computer does with data what enzymes do with substrates. An enzyme processes a substrate to make a product. A computer processes input to produce output. A cell can produce a diverse array of products by linking together enzymes into biochemical pathways. Pathways can have many branches, making it possible to produce many different compounds from a small number of starting compounds. Similarly, a computer system typically has a large number of programs. By using output from one program as input for another program, programs can be used in series to generate many different kinds of output from a single dataset.

Computers are powerful for a variety of reasons. They operate with amazing speed, reliability, and accuracy. Computers can store huge amounts of data and information. Also, computers allow users to communicate with other users or computers.

Basically a computer works with zeros and ones. A software program is created usually at a high level by a programmer and the subsequent code is converted into machine language (0 - 1) which is a language that the computer can understand and execute. When you select a button the button will access these programs which tells the computer: which circuits or switches to access -turn on or turn off, what system program to access - run or stop etc. Historically, a computer is any device that can store and process data. Today it usually refers to an electronic device with circuits that allow for...

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