Winters's Bone Novel/ Patriarchal Society

Topics: Gender role, Sociology, Woman Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Birdsong, Tammy
November 29,2011
Kirkpatrick, Shone
English 101

Society and Gender Roles
All through out history it has always been a patriarchal society men are more dominate over the woman and took control over decisions of what woman may say or do. Patriarchal men roles has been socialized and expected to be domineering, industrious and strong, whereas we expect women to be gentle, nurturing and submissive. Everyday we experience different gender roles from going to work, class or even just a brisk walk down the streets. Gender roles are formed from culture, watching television, magazines and much more. Both men and women experience different gender roles of patriarchal identities, and power, prestige in our everyday lives in our society. In the book “Winter’s Bone” the character Ree is a young seventeen-year-old girl in poverty that grows up on Ozarks Mountains faced with a mentally ill mother and father that has deserted the family for drugs, and she is left to raise her two younger siblings. In the rural parts in the south the young girl became more desperate and overwhelmed by the search of her missing father and the disloyalty of her relatives and distant family members. Daniel Woodrell wrote the novel “Winter’s Bone” in 2007 that got him great reviews which was adaptive into a 2010 movie. The film was written and directed by, Debra Granik she gave more depth and carefully pulled all the characters together to make this movie a sensational. The film grossed over thirteen million worldwide (Box Office MoJo). The movie drama received four Oscar nominees for the summer of 2010 and many reviews from critics.
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