Topics: Learning disability, Suffering, Hospital Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: May 28, 2013
The Winterbourne View Abuse report underlines unsafe practices which led to abuse not being dealt with accordingly. The serious failures to protect individuals from abuse were striking even more so knowing that 38 safeguarding alerts were raised about 20 patients from the unit from as early as 2006. There were many accounts of poor practices by the owners, Castlebeck. Their priorities were to make profits before taking responsibilities and good care for their patients at the hospital. The local authorities such as South Gloucestershire council can only acknowledge the findings. The patients were put at risk by breaching their safety for not having properly trained staff. Not all of the alerts were passed onto the NHS which shows a lack of communication and vital information not being cascaded via the right route. This is clearly a total lack of respect for the patients and their relatives or friends. The place was unsafe and professionals failed to demonstrate their duty of care by promoting an unworkable management structure with poorly paid and untrained staff. Despite receiving public concerns and complaints from visitors or patients themselves, nothing was brought forward so that a disaster could be avoided. The report resulted after a parent secretly filmed images which proved how distressing the place was with all sorts of abuse being common practice. The effective and human delivery of assessment, treatment and rehabilitation had been completely undermined. This was clearly a total breakdown of communication including for the Police and C.Q.C.

In the wake of the Winterbourne View Hospital near Bristol, the Care Quality Commission found that 48% of inspected premises (hospitals & homes) did not meet the required general care and welfare standards. The report highlighted the fact that there is a failure to treat the residents as individuals and that people...
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