Topics: Abuse, Hospital, Patient Pages: 4 (1251 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Amanda McGuire
Winterbourne view
Winterbourne view was a hospital in South Gloucestershire for people with learning disabilities and autism whose behaviour sometimes made their families and professionals worry. It was meant to help by assessing and treating patients so that they could have ordinary lives in their own homes. In 2011, Panorama showed under cover footage of some of staff at the hospital slapping and hurting patients and getting them on the floor. They even sat on them and lay on them so the patients couldn’t move. Sometimes they used chairs to stop them from getting up. One woman was put in a shower wearing her clothes. Patient’s was clearly being bullied. Barriers of this would leave the patient confused and feeling very intimidated. Winterbourne view seemed to be controlled by the most horrible bully called Wayne Rogers. 10 other staff members seemed to be prepared to just watch and join in on separate occasions this clearly shown that it had been going on for months. None of the other staff seemed to want to blow the whistle on Wayne to stop the violence that he conflicted on the patients that where in his and their care. One barrier that might have been is that the rest of the staff was scared and to feared to report him. Wayne was very intimidating and looked a very scary character with full body tattoos, very tall and scary voice. The impact of this verbal and physical abuse left patients scared, confused and basically used as the staff’s own punch bag. The devastating effects this would have on the patient’s was horrendous causing one resident to try and jump out of the window which made me think that she was trying to commit suicide. The so-called restraint techniques were used to inflict pain, humiliate patients and bully them into compliance with the demands of their carers’. Making sure they left no marks on the body that people could see. Among the hours of graphic footage, support worker Wayne Rogers is shown slapping patient...
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