Winter Wonderland

Topics: Snow Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: November 23, 2012
Winter Wonderland
I wake up to the sun heating my cold feet under my warm fuzzy blanket. The room is filled with silence as I slide out of the coziness of my covers to look outside the window. To my delightful surprise, tiny ice crystals are falling from the sky creating a white blanket on the world. In a hurry, I put on my thick heavy jacket, slide on my hefty boots, and dress my hands with my favourite waterproof gloves. I rush onto my snow-covered yard, thinking that my favourite season, winter, is finally here. With the grace of snowfall, this winter will be beautiful to look upon, fun to play within, and fills your heart with warmth. A fresh scent of pine fills the air as the bright snow gently lands on the tip of your nose. The sight of every white pine tree around you takes your breath away. Sunlight sits in the horizon while cotton-like snow falls from the sky creating random patterns. The sun beams through the snow creating sparkles like a diamond. The true beauty of nature is only evident when the world turns into this wintery paradise. Being surrounded by pure beauty makes me feel alive. Along with its beauty, the snow creates a festival of fun. Snow crunches under my feet when I run across the fields of white fluff. The sound of screaming kids buzzes through my ear as they make their way down slippery slopes. When you pick a hand full of snow, the warmth in your gloves prevent your hands from freezing. The cold snow crunches between your gloves as you shape it into a ball. When you snowboard down the steep hill you can feel the cool wind cresting against you. Your hair dances along your cold face and the snow slushes beneath you. Every moment in the comfort of this white snowy blanket is a moment to remember. When you finally get tired of all that fun, you run inside to a steaming cup of hot chocolate mixed with big marshmallows resting upon its surface. The aroma of the hot chocolate is like a breeze of fresh air. You...
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