Winter on 5th Avenue

Topics: Photography, Weather, Fog Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: September 18, 2008
”Winter on 5th avenue”

The photography is shot by Alfred Stieglitz in New York on 5th avenue, 1893

Objective Analysis

In the picture we see 5th avenue, covered in a vicious snowstorm. There are two carriages on the road, a few people on the sidewalk and in the background we see some buildings. The road is all covered in brown and filthy now, yet to get even more filthy as the carriages are about to pass through. The sky is completely grey and almost looks like a giant cover of darkness, covering New York, only to make it look even more like the worst weather of the century. The centre of the picture is the carriage closest to the photographer, being dark as all of the other moving objects in the picture. All the people in the picture are walking away from the vanishing point that lies in the depth of the picture covered with fog. It is shown by the inclinations of buildings and the sidewalks. The perspective of the picture shows that you are looking towards the vanishing points and all the other objects and people are moving towards you. The carriage nearest to the photographer is encircled by the golden sections, illustrated in top right corner by a sign. There are many vertical lines through the picture from the buildings and the only visible thing in the background a silhouette of a spire on a tall building.

Subjective analysis

The photography ”Winter on 5th Avenue” is from the 1890´s. It shows the busy road 5th Avenue on a winter day. The weather is horrible. Dark, cloudy, foggy and there is a vicious snowstorm. The road is completely covered in disgusting dark muddy snow. There are only a few people in the photography. Some people are walking on the sidewalk and at least two men are riding the two carriages in the picture. All the people are almost just dark silhouettes covered in the heavy fog that covers the entire photography. You can almost feel the wind crashing into the faces of them all. The ice-cold snow sticking to their faces. I...
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