Winter Garden Review

Topics: Family, Love, 2002 albums Pages: 3 (1091 words) Published: December 19, 2012
***Name clarification*** Vera is a woman who is known as Anya throughout the whole book, until the end when you find out that her real name is Vera, and she was just going by her daughter’s name. When I say Vera, this is who I am talking about. Anya is a woman, who you meet towards the end of the book, and she goes by Sylvia, but her real name is Anya, and she is Vera’s daughter. When I say Anya, this is who I am talking about. They both believed that the other was dead.

1. What is the climax of the book?
The climax of Winter Garden was when Vera was looking back on her life, and how she has finally finished her story. She now knows that she is a lucky woman, even though it didn’t seem it at first. She is happy, because while Vera and her daughters Meredith and Nina have struggled through the loss of their father, the one man who held them together as a family, they have found a new definition of family. This definition involves Vera’s other daughter born many years before Meredith and Nina, who she believed was dead. When Vera finally finished telling her daughters the story about a peasant girl named Vera, that she had started many times during their childhood but never finished, Meredith and Nina learned the truth about their mother; her name is really Vera, not Anya like they believed, and the girl in the tale is her. After learning this, they happen upon a woman named Sylvia, who turns out to be Vera’s other daughter, whose real name is Anya. They become a family, together, while honoring her first husband, Sasha (Anya’s father), and Vera’s son, Leo (Anya’s brother). Vera is happy because she has her family, and they have become much more of a real family.

2. Were you satisfied with the ending?
I loved the ending, and I was very satisfied! It was both sad and happy. After Vera reflects on her family, she goes out into the winter garden, and sees Sasha alive, even though he is actually dead. At first I thought she was seeing things,...
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