Winter Fashion Story

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  • Published : April 4, 2012
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Winter Story
The Winter season may be over, but its trendy styles won’t be. Attention grabbing attire from chunky and bright jewelry to classical pencil dresses have become quite prominent. And, yes, even though it is winter , don’t let your dresses linger in the back of your closet! Mix and spice it up with scarves, hats, and vibrant jewelry. Just because winter is notorious for its freezing weather doesn’t mean you have to wear six layers of warm clothing that may not even be fashionable. So take this fashion report to your ultimate benefit and gain some valuable tips and pointers that may bring out the fashionable pizzazz within you. Pea coats

If you truly crave to stand out from the winter crowd, pea coats are coming to the rescue. Venture for bright colors such as green, yellow, red, or even a neutral colored plaid for an extraordinary winter look that will pop. Not only can pea coats be very sleek and edgy, but they can also be comfy and warm, an element that can come in handy for the cold weather that the winter season invites with utmost pride.

“OH! LA! LA!” Ever dared or been courageous enough to wear a beret? The Frenchmen style has become immensely unique for its numerous variety in colors, designs, and savior from a bad hair day. The patterns are countless. Hats may not be such a crucial accessory, but imagine yourself one Saturday too lazy to look your utmost cutest. Slip on one of those berets and your attire will fit right into place. And who knows how many envious glances you got just because you wore a rare accessory that gave you that extra flavor and essence that was necessary to make you outfit shine?

Vibrant Jewelry
Aqua. Neon orange. Lime green. These are colors that desire attention. But don’t you too? A simple outfit can be elevated to a more beaming couture just by wearing an eye catching accessory. The winter season is embracing anything encompassed in glamour, and accessorizing is the perfect technique to show...
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