Winter Driving

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When you have to compare and contrast driving in the winter and driving in the summer there are many things that come to my mind. In the summer time there is no visual distractions. It is most comfortable to drive in the summer with your windows down. For the most part summer driving is safe then winter driving. I personally despise driving in the winter.

In the summer time I have visibility. During the winter months it gets darker earlier. During the summer months we have more sunlight through out the day. I love when the sun is out longer. Although driving in the winter is much more scenic with snow on branches, deer on the side of the roads and snowmen that kids made. The scenic view for summer driving is filled with blooming flowers, birds flying, colorful trees and the Long Island sound filled with boats, as I drive down by the shore. I like to take the most scenic routes as I drive in the summer. The visibility in the winter is very poor, if you have to drive in a blizzard. In the summer I barely have a problem with visibility.I like to see clear when I drive.

In the summer time it is most comfortable. In the winter time I get too cold when I have my window open. I love to drive around with my windows wide open listening to music. I like to smoke in my car with the window open. Winter driving causes me major anxiety. I am worry free in the summer. I am very nervous in the winter.The worst part about driving in the winter is that I wear many layers of clothes. In the summer I drive around in a tank top and shorts. I like to feel free when I drive.

I feel summer driving is when its safest to drive. In the winter you have to worry about slipping and not gripping to the pavement. My tires have full grip on the asphalt in the summer time. I like having traction when I drive. You have to be more alert driving in the winter time with the cars behind you, around you and in front of you,It takes more time to stop. You also have to be alert in...
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