Winter Dreams: A Reflection of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Life

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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There are several examples in the story Winter Dreams that reflects on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life. According to, a website with biographies on famous people’s lives, Fitzgerald grew up in Minnesota, and during the beginning of Dexter Green’s life, he lived in Minnesota. “In the fall when the days became crisp and gray, the long Minnesota winter shut down like the white lid of a box, Dexter’s skis moved over the snow that hid the fairways of the golf course” (Fitzgerald). This quote is an example of how Dexter Green’s childhood compares to Fitzgerald’s childhood. The next connection between the story and Fitzgerald’s life is that later in his life he moves to New York. Referring to The Literature Network, a network devoted to literature, in 1919 Fitzgerald moved to New York to work on his writing, and in the story Dexter moves to New York when he is in his mid twenties. “Already he was playing with the idea of going East to New York” (Fitzgerald). The final example is the relationship between Dexter and Judy, and Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda. Referring back to, Fitzgerald and his wife had a split in the 1920s and during the story, Dexter and Judy Jones has a split around that same age. The examples used help the reader understand how the story Winter Dreams relate to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life.

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