Winter Dreams Reasearch Paper

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Oneiromancy Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: June 17, 2012
Desiree Bogen
Ms. Kim
American Literature

Winter Dreams
“I look out at it and think it is the most beautiful history in the world…It is the history of all aspiration not just the American dream but the human dream and if I came at the end of it that too is a place in the line of the pioneers” (The Notebook of F. Scot Fitzgerald 3) This is the American Dream. What we all aspire to achieve. It is the hope of a better life. It started out as trying to reach a higher spiritual level, but it changed. It became a dream, a search for power and wealth. People replaced self-value with the desire for wealth and the materialistic objects that came with it. In Fitzgerald’s Winter Dreams, he tells the story of Dexter, who wants this girl Judy Jones who represents all the characteristics of his ideal American Dream. She is everything he could have ever dreamed of, yet Fitzgerald demonstrates that those who base their sole lives on the materialistic idealistic will ultimately come out empty due to their illusion. The Story comes to show that the American Dream is purely an illusion, which is damaging and corruptive to one’s self.

Within itself the American Dream is simply a mere illusion. Many goals that peoples American Dreams carry are not at times what they seem. On the exterior the wrapping is all shiny and glitter, what everyone may want. Though on the inside there could be an ugly story about what it is that they want. They are deceiving, just like the wrapping. The narrator of the story goes on to prove this point by stating “Dexter wanted the glittery things...he reached out for the best without knowing what he wanted.”(Winter Dreams 3) He is striving for this dream though he has yet to realize that it is his own personal illusion. Judy Jones in this story is shown as what many would like to believe as the typical American Dream. Still like the wrapping on the box the author, Fitzgerald, gives a glance as to what she is hiding underneath,...
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