Winter Dreams Essay

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Said by an unknown author "When in love, the human mind tends to ignore a person’s flaws causing it to be difficult to leave someone who causes you pain". “Winter Dreams” is a story about a male who fell in love as a boy with a girl who is also loved by almost every guy around . The only problem is that she doesn’t love any of them. He soon finds out what loving her will do to him and even in the end how long it’ll last. F. Scott Fitzgerald's use of theme in “Winter Dreams” supports the belief that love is blinding by showing that humans don’t leave people when they're hurt by them, and when that person is left they eventually allow the person that hurt them back into their life because they feel as if they can't live without them.  

First off, humans seem to stay with people even after being hurt. "When he's particularly outrageous she forgives him. In fact, I'm inclined to think she loves him". This quote is referring to Judy and her husband’s relationship. Her husband treated her badly, but because she loved him she continued to stay with him. Through all of the pain one can’t seem to leave the person they love.  

Also, humans allow people that have mistreated them to come back into their lives. "Whenever one showed signs of dropping out through long neglect, she granted him a brief honeyed hour, which encouraged him to tag along for a year or so longer”. This is what Judy did to the men she liked. She played with these men's hearts and they still stayed by her side, unaware of the hurt being brought on. "It was strange that neither when it was over nor a long time afterward did [Dexter] regret that night”. This is the night that Dexter fell back into Judy’s trap. He never felt guilt for that night even though it ruined his current relationship and left him alone; he didn’t realize the damage that it had done. In conclusion, even after being abandoned one will always take their lover back.  

Lastly, humans feel as if they can’t live a good life without the...
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