Winter Dreams

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Short story, James Truslow Adams Pages: 2 (837 words) Published: March 21, 2012
Jayde Gemboys3.5.12

Matthew Bruccoli wrote, “The four closing paragraphs of this story are distinguished by Fitzgerald’s complex explication of Dexter’s sense of mutability: he grieves for the loss of his capacity to grieve.” This statement is about the main character Dexter, in Scott Fitzgerald’s “Winter Dreams”. I agree that the last four paragraphs show a man whose dream does not turn out the way expects it. Dexter worked hard and in the end, the dream was gone, taken from him. The last line supports Bruccoli’s statement, “ I cannot cry. I cannot care. That thing will come back no more.” What Dexter is talking about is his dream or the classic “American Dream.”

The main character of this story Dexter has a vision of success; he wants to pursue the American Dream, money, status, and class. While chasing his goals he wants to climb the latter of wealth and then marry beautiful Judy Jones. Little does Dexter know where this journey is going to take him, the American Dream is something that every person would like to someday reach, but what happens when you get the American Dream? Fitzgerald’s voice is clearly heard in this novel because he shows the parallels’ between Dexter’s “Winters Dream” and the American Dream. He presents this idea of idealism in a negative way, telling the reader the underlying opinion that the American Dream isn’t real and that all there is left after the glitz and glam are gone is a shuddering feel of emptiness.“Winter Dreams” is a short story that takes place over a time period of twenty years. The American Dream is something that came about in the mid-1900’s this is something that Dexter strives to have. He wants to be a part of the elite and when he graduates from a prestigious eastern college he becomes a partner in a laundry company. This makes Dexter very wealthy and successful and he realizes that he has two things that are important to American Character: confidence and hard work. He has always had the drive to...
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