Winter Dreams

Topics: Season, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Winter Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Jay Schwanke

Professor M. Coleman

ENGL 200

12 April 12, 2013

Dear Professor Coleman,

In exploring the characterization of Fitzgerald “Winter Dreams”, I am going to show the use of seasonal changes of his protagonist, Dexter, from his story. I believe that it is his every intention for us explore Dexter as a man by showing us where and how he developed to be such a man from his decisions in the past starting from his caddy days to college and finally as an establish businessman. His successes were completely self-made yet; he had issues when it comes to dealing with the matters of the heart. But this trait showed more and more that Dexter is indeed human and in all of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work, his central focus was always about the people in his story. His work concentrated on their development from page 1 introduction to them all the way to the end where we can see their triumphs and tragedies that befall upon them.

Dexter, the hero of our tale seems to be a man with a steadfast resolve to do whatever he put his mind to. However, the winter season seem to be his deciding judge on what he needs to do. Often we see that the seasonal changes in nature bring us a different perspective and Fitzgerald uses this as a vehicle of Dexter’s personality and character. The season change for him is an ever-looming specter in his mind and affect how he makes his decisions in life.

I hope that in the course of this paper, you will find the correlation between Dexter and how he uses the seasonal changes especially the winter as a deciding factor of his decision.


Jay Schwanke

Jay Schwanke

Professor Coleman

ENGL 200

12 April 2013

F. Scott Fitzgerald and “Winter Dreams”

One of the most important things that can be seen in Fitzgerald’s work including Winter Dreams is the character development of our “hero”, Dexter. He is the central character that the story rallies behind. We see from the start that the setting of this...
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