Winter Dreams

Topics: Dream, Character, Protagonist Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: April 14, 2013
American Literature 202
13 April 2013
Winter Dreams
The main character of the story was born into the wealth of his father goes on treasure hunt to fulfill his wildest dreams. His first dream was to fine wealth and success for himself, than to challenge and overcome some of the most prestige golfers, and thirdly to fine his true love. In the pursuit of fining wealth and success Dexter meets a Judy Jones of whom he thought was his true love. The story is consisting of six parts of different lengths of which we will experience some of the stop and go, back and forth life style of the main character Dexter Green. My purpose here is to determine if Dexter’s encounters with the series of characters form the structural pattern for the story? Or to tell if the pattern is based on Dexter’s rise in the world, or is it base on Dexter’s coming to awareness? To tell how Dexter’s dreams changed over the course of his life while stating a vivid pattern of the changes. The structure for the story is based on the series of encounters with Judy Jones. I strongly feel this is because of the influences she had on him. He constantly changes his plans because of her. He first quits his job because of Judy. He breaks off his engagement because of Judy. And at the end of the story he is distorted because of Judy. And even though Dexter did become the wealthy businessman he had always dreamed off, it didn’t mean anything to him. It seems that he was still unhappy. And he was also able to play golf with one of the elite golfers he once caddied for and won, dream two fulfill. Now as for Judy, he had come to realization that he and Judy would never be together and that was fine but he still loved her. The main character, Dexter, lacks the confident in knowing who he really was and what he really wanted out of life. This is seen in the quote from part two: “Often he reached out for the best without knowing why he did it—and sometimes he ran up against the...
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