Winter Dreams

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Love Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Comparing “the winter dreams”& “the great Gatsby”

Have you fallen in love with a person and used them for money? In the two stories describes two girls use men for money. There are many similarities and differences of Judy from “winter dreams” and daisy from “the great Gatsby”.

Judy Jones and daisy Buchanan are beautiful, wealthy, and shallow young women who love but money. Both Judy and daisy dress flimsy clothes witch shows a lack of character. They know that they can get men with their cute voices and there money. They both have instances in their lives where love, money, and materialism come into play. Like when daisy accidentally kills myrtle on the streets and she thinks she’s too good too take the blame or when every time things aren’t going good for Judy, she runs off and finds a new man of the night.

They use money to protect them from the real world and read situations. Neither one of the women know what they want in life so they just think that money can make them happy. The women look beyond personalities to what the people can do for them. This is why they always get bored with people and feel the need too move on.

Some of the contrasts between daisy and Judy are that while Judy had plenty of love interests. Daisy only had two main ones that she was turn between. Judy was more open too the fact that she could have any guy that she wanted. Judy comes out and tells other men that she loves them while daisy just leads them on too believes that she does so she can get attention. Dasiy trys too cover up her miserable life with money while
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