Winter Dreams

Topics: Love, Marriage, Affection Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Winter Dreams

Judy Jones was born wealthy and she was attracted to men with power and money. Aside from her physical beauty, her status gave her many social options. She was vain and liked to be seen with a procession of men. Dexter was one of them. The seductive mannerisms in her voice had a magical effect on men and it drew their attention. Her voice was not lady-like but her tone was deep. Later on Dexter remembered that unique voice. Fitzgerald wrote in the short story, “He imagined her husky voice over the telephone…”. “The smile which turns down the corner of her mouth in a half pout” also made men wild. Judy had complete control over the men with whom she associated, and it made her feel not only powerful, but alive. She controlled them like puppets on a string, including Dexter. When men lost interest, she knew how to win back their affection for her. Her seductive voice and mannerisms contributed to her emotional power over these men. Her selfish tenacity emerged as she went after whatever she wanted of their affections. Dexter would have been miserable in a marriage to Judy. She was unfaithful in her many relationships with men and her past actions did not promise a good marriage. She had a need or rather impulsive obsession to have many suitors at a time. If Dexter had married Judy then I think he would have given up any happiness that comes from a secure, committed relationship. She was never satisfied with the affections that she had and could not understand the sacrifice of true love. The disappointment and lack of committed love that Dexter would have known in a marriage to her would have been difficult.
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