Winston Smith ~ Character Outline

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Winston Smith
1984 by George Orwell
Thesis: Winston Smith is an average man living in totalitarian-ruled London, where he must fight to keep control of his own thoughts and his own mind. I. Winston shows his rebellious side early in the book.

A. He illegally writes in a diary, writing DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER multiple times. B. At Two Minutes Hate, he tells us his actual thoughts on the society he lives in. C. He is certain the Party member O’Brien is also a part of the rebellion.

II. He falls in love with Julia.
A. Julia secretly passes Winston a note the reads I love you. B. Winston and Julia start a love affair, which would result in death if they were caught.

III. O’Brien betrays Winston and Julia.
A. O’Brien tells Winston that he is a part of the rebellion too. B. O’Brien is soon revealed as a member of the Party, pretending to be against the Party in order to trap Winston and Julia. C. Winston is sent to the Ministry of Love.

IV. Winston learns to accept the Party’s ways.
A. O’Brien tortures Winston, and Winston gives away all his secrets. But he does not betray Julia. B. O’Brien realizes Winston still has not betrayed Julia, so he sends him to the dreaded Room 101. C. In Room 101, they use Winston’s worst fear, rats, to break him. He finally betrays Julia, and they let him go.

V. Winston no longer has any rebellious thoughts. He loves Big Brother, and no longer loves Julia.
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