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How is patriotism shown in Bayonet Charge and next to of course god America I? A number of similes had been used in ‘next to of course god America I’. An example is: ‘like lions to the roaring slaughter.’ This use of the simile emphasises the soldiers’ patriotic and selfless behaviour in war with the word ‘lion’, an animal known to be courageous. Furthermore, ‘roaring’ implies the cries of the soldiers either in pain or to show their strength in order to become feared by their rivalries. Also, in ‘Bayonet Charge,’ similes are used to illustrate the patriotic views of the soldiers. For example of this is: ‘sweating like molten iron from the centre of his chest.’ The word:”sweating” suggests that he is determined to fight signifying his patriotic views into succeeding for his country. As well as that, the phrase: ‘from the centre of his chest,’ symbolises his heart in which he feels love for his country; feels inspired from it. A rhetorical question is also used in ‘Bayonet Charge’ with the quote ‘Was he the hand pointing that second?’ This question highlights the soldier’s thoughts of realisation into his actions as it has been punctuated with a question mark, which can suggest confusion; it also shows that he is thinking. Furthermore, the soldier is addressed as ‘the hand’ indicating that he was unaware of what he was doing until that moment when he finally realises. The soldier pauses for a ‘second’ and the brief stop shows the insignificance of his thoughts, representing that he is trying to overlook it to continue fighting. Likewise in ‘next to of course god america i,’ the rhetorical question ‘should the voice of liberty be mute?’ emphasises the soldiers’ perseverance in which they ignore the advice and opinions of others and carry on fighting for America. In addition, the use of a question shows other people feel about the soldiers making decisions to fight, how they believe that it is wrong and unwise of them. The word ‘voice’ juxtaposes the fighting as...
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