Winning Isn't

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A well-known coach in football once said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”, and i disagree with his statement. Have you ever played a sport just because you thought it was fun? I have. I know for a fact that some student athletes who know nothing of a certain sport but still play that sport just for the fun, experience, and learning of it. As a slightly athletic person myself, I’m not in it to just to win it when it comes to basketball, I’m in it to have fun, like any other boy on our team.

The most important thing to do when on a team is to have fun. Being in a sport isn’t all about winning. “If you win through bad sportsmanship, that’s no real victory.”- Babe Dirdrikson Zaharias. If you’re focused on winning, you lose track of the passion you have for that sport. I’ve seen football players who will become frustrated and upset over a bad pass or turnover, and lose the heart for the game. But, I’ve also seen outstanding football players who will have an off day and use that to push them forward in training. Some athletic students will join a sport just because “they’re good at it”, that doesn’t mean they enjoy it though. To have true victory though, you must have the heart to go out on that field or court and have fun, because that’s what counts in the end, not how many points you scored or how good or bad you played. If you’re having fun on that field or court, you’re winning in your own heart and learning in the process.

Have you ever joined a sport that you loved but was not so good at it? Many high school and middle school students do. It is okay to be bad at a sport because you learn while you’re on the team. Making mistakes is most common for athletes to do, and they learn from it. If you win every game, you don’t learn anything, you’re just playing. Learning makes you better and stronger as an athlete. Learning is also fun when it comes to sports, it may be difficult at times but several students push through it while having fun at the...
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