Winners and Losers in a Consumer Society

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  • Published : December 21, 2010
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Essay Plan:

Outline who are the winners and losers in a consumer society.


Paragraph 1

Outline – short general explanation/ to give the main features or general idea of.

Consumer society – Point out this essay is looking at consumer society.

Who – highlight the essay is looking at who.

The winners and losers - define this concept in the introduction as it is the main content phrase in the essay question. There are three parts include in the main body that discribe in the esssay.

The first part will introduce Mr Iygumnt Bauman´s The seduced and repressed concept and what does he mean by the concept and who are those as he discribe as the seduced and the repressed.

The second part will look at the power of grant supermarkets play a role in a consumer society as a winner.

The main body:

Paragraph 2

Introducing and define Mr Iygumnt Bauman´s The seduced and repressed group division in a consumer society.

What does he mean and who are those as he discribe as the seduced

Paragraph 3

What does he mean and who are those as Bauman´s discribe as the repressed. And a summeried for both.

Paragraph 4

Introducing and by using the postive sum and zero sum define the grant supermarkets role as a winner in a consumer society and it effects related to

small businesses,
suppliers´s workers in forigen countries (paragraph 5)


Paragraph 6

To sum up all parts in the main body and conclusion and define who are the winners and lossers in a consumers society.

Question: Outline who are the winners and losers in consumer society.  
Today consumption plays a major role in our modern society.   Consumption does not only fulfill peoples` daily needs such as food and clothes, but also it takes on a future meaning in our society. People use it to find a sense of belonging and identity in  contemporary society. We are now living in a consuming culture. So what does ``consuming culture`` really mean?   Consuming culture refers to a theory that human society is strongly influenced, even predominantly influenced, by consumerism.  This concept states that economic and social cultures are based on the purchasing of commodities and services and that social functioning and behaviour is bound up with the fostering of a desire for these goods. It is also intricately bound up with notions of advertising and globalization (eHow, accessed November 2010). In this essay, we will look at how  people and society are divided by the consuming culture by using Bauman´s theory of the seduced and the repressed groups, and we will look at the power that grant supermarkets hold in a consumer society.  

  As Bauman (1988) suggests: the modern western society can be divided into two comsumer groups – the seduced and the repressed. This theory is not only based on peoples`  financial capabilities and social status, but  there are also a number of factors that have to be taken into consideration. Then it goes on further, as the modern society offers people more choices and freedoms, in relation to those who can access low credit debts that banks offer, as well as the ability to access modern transportation. For example, by owning a car many can access more shopping areas such as retail parks. As a whole, the seduced group are those able to get involved with consumption activities and contribute in a consuming society.  

  On the other hand, those he refers to as the repressed group are those who are left behind in the consuming society due to unemployedment, or working in an low paying position, which means they have less financial freedom. Other factors such as  mobility and communication have to be taken into consideraton. For example, disabled people who are physically restricted from accessing certain public areas, and immigrants who might be unfamiliar with their new  enivronment.  It often takes time to adapt to the new culture while learning the language, and, finally,  the...
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