Winner's Shift

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This report has been produced to review and analyze the two case studies mentioned “Microsoft’s lost opportunities” and “Create renewal, without it you create Detroit” to prove that “Winner’s Change” and losers don’t. A review of these organizations in concern illustrates that business’s and organizations that shift before its competitors will make lots of money than its competitors would. Today Apple has made much more money, than any other brand in the world and moved to become the World’s most valuable brand, just by shifting the market first. Taking a proactive approach lead Apple to be the world’s most valuable brand. In most cases proactive behavior has demonstrated positive consequences for people and organizations alike. (BATEMAN e CRANT, 1999)

This report has also reviewed that on the other hand companies and organizations that resist change are losing lots of money or are already bankrupt. Insufficient proactive behavior manifests itself in complacency. In both cases such resistance to change is evident. Complacency can be engendered by a lack of tough feedback from outside sources and by a long run of good performance without serious setbacks. Such factors may not constitute direct evidence of too little proactive behavior, but they hardly encourage it, and in fact tend to discourage it. (BATEMAN e CRANT, 1999) In today’s business context, overcoming such behavior in an organization is a major challenge to leadership.

This paper also continues to emphasize on the fact that organizations today need to possess the right leadership skills to identify the little changes and be better prepared for the big change well ahead of time. The leadership in organizations should possess skills to build the right team to “successfully lead change” and create the market shift, as it is strongly believed that “Winners shift and Losers don’t” (HARTUNG, 2011)

Although changing the mind set of most would be a long term process, organizations in Sri Lanka have also began to understand that thingsare changing fast after a 30 year long conflict. Sri Lanka being an emerging economy in the world, most companies are now becoming very fast paced and competitive with the support of foreign influence into the market. Although what is important to understand for most Sri Lankan organizations is that success lies in the ability to proactively shift and create shifts.

Proactive Business’s lead change

Most organizations around the world spend too much time thinking about what they do.  They think about costs, margins, the "business model" and execution.  But success really has less to do with those things than understanding trends, and capitalizing on those trends by shifting.  You don't have to be the lowest cost, or most efficient or even the most passionate.  What works a lot better is to go where the trends are favorable, and give customers solutions that align with the trends. And if you do this early, before anyone else, you'll have a lot of time to figure out how to make money before competitors try to cut your margins (HARTUNG, 2011)

In the case of Detroit’s business leaders, they failed to see the market shift, the once booming local auto industry, were suddenly less valuable companies as competitors came in and changed the entire landscape of Detroit creating an economic shift and a market shift, for which Detroit business leaders were not prepared for, and also failing to address these changes made Detroit bankrupt. (HARTUNG, 2012) Business organizations today would face the similar fate if organizations don’t realize that change is inevitable and should be proactive in leading change.

Proaction involves creating change, not merely anticipating it. It does not just involve the important attributes of flexibility and adaptability towards an uncertain future. To be proactive is to take the initiative in improving business. In today’s business’s the level of proactive...
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