Wine Speech

Topics: Time, Future, Past Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: November 9, 2010
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Did you know in the u.s. alone seven out of every 10 american adults consume wine or a alcololic beverge. Wine makes daily living easier, les hurried, wiht fewer tensions and more to tolerence."Benjamin Franklin I am a wine lover nad i drink wine in all the important moments in my life". credibility statement:

Every time i went to a resaurnat i wished i knew where and how wine came to be, but the truth was that i ignored it and after i left the resturant i did not care. I knew it is very helpfull to know wine better. Thesis statement:

wine education is a complete science that requires a lot of time and study, but their are several bsic steps that are required to understand wine. to help you better understand wine. Body:
by first, informing you about the past background, present, future. first lets begin wiht the past wine began in 5000 b.c. with europeans in macedonia , evidence concludes that europeans civilazation would crush grapes.following the europeans came rome, rome would use a wine press ot crush grampes. they made wine democratic by putting it into barrels and sending it to other places. by the 15 centory the muslim chemists pioneered the distilation of wine for medical and industrial purpuses by the 1810 it was in several growing religions through the world.

futhermore ,now that i covered the past background i can go to the present. now a day, it begins with a vineyard where the grapes are called varietal, next they are then taken to be fermented, or the yeast is added ot a soultuion containing ethonal, carbon dioxide, hcighen acid,and some times sulfur dioxide.then the factors come in , their are numorous factors such as soil, exposure to sun light, climate. depending on the concentration or how fully bodied it is and what type of wine it is. it can take 6-8 weeks or 5-8 monts. in the u.s alone 668 million gallons are consumed a year. it has had a positive and negative effect on us. allthoe it can be used as a mild...
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