Windshield Survey

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  • Published : October 10, 2011
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Through the experience of the windshield survey community assessment I found that there were a few issues that negatively affected the residents of south buffalo. The major issues that affected this community are substance abuse and unmaintained homes. These are two issues that certainly affect the community as a whole, not only the families that are experiencing the issues. Substance abuse affects the community because those who abuse drugs and alcohol not only are at rick for altering their family processes but also those of the community through public intoxication, drunk driving, possible physical altercations and simply interrupting the day to day flow of things within the community. People no longer feel that their families are safe when there are intoxicated people wandering their neighborhoods. Some community partnerships available for those with substance abuse issues are Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Al-anon. Next we have the issue of homes that aren’t well maintained. This is a major community issue because those homes that aren’t maintained affect the value of all of the homes on the street. Therefore if one or two people do not maintain their homes it affects the community. Also this can become a safety issue for the community as if the home isn’t being maintained there may be debris lying around or trash. If the structure of the home is damaged then the problem becomes even bigger. The major community partnership available for assistance for homeowners is Neighborhood housing services of south buffalo. They offer assistance with home improvements and community improvements. Educating the residents of this and all communities about different ways and agencies available to help them keep their homes and community nice is a nursing role that could positively affect the Healthy People 2020 indicator “environmental health”. This objective’s goal is to promote health for all through a healthy environment, The elements associated with...
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