Windshield Survey

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  • Published : May 2, 2011
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Windshield Survey Reflection
Michele C. De Vito
Healthy Communities: Theory and Practice
April 25, 2011
Amy Weaver

Researching and visual observations of the community that one lives in is a true eye opener. I have chosen to research and conduct a Windshield survey in the town that I have lived in for the past three years. I was surprised at the amount of information that I was obtained by driving around, observing, asking questions, and conducting research online. Several areas of concern that have a potential to affect the health of the community were identified; obesity, diabetes, and the increase exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning. The two areas that I will focus my study on are obesity and carbon monoxide poisoning. Three community nursing diagnosis that I have arrived at are one, Risk for associated health complications related to obesity, two, Risk for poisoning related to exposure to carbon monoxide inhalation and three, Deficit knowledge related to health risks of smoking.

As stated by Advameg, Inc., 2003-2010, obesity in this community is 19.6%, which is compared to a rate of 23.3% in the state of New Jersey. Health complications are a concern in this population related to obesity. It is not clear why this community has a high rate of obesity as this community has a large population of educated blue-collar worker, which does not fit the typical population of obesity. Obesity in the country is on a rise, and this may be related to the lack of education on healthy eating habits and influences in the media with ads and commercials from food vendors. Education is important to this population and assisting them with alternative options. A nursing intervention would be to implement a group meeting within the community for obesity education....
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