Windshield Survey

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Windshield Survey

For the city of Monrovia

Many different dimensions and aspects make up a healthy community. If a community has a lock of public services such as emergency services like fire, police and medical the community may be adversely affected. Higher mortality rates, increase in crime just to name a few can occur if services are not up to the standard of the community or meet the needs. Another aspect is the retail space that is offered in the community for services like family dining, banks, gym, public library just to name a few. However, just having the stores, does not make for a healthier community. The appearance of the building is just as important. The curb appeal and shopping areas, which are kept up, will bring in more business and further detour crime like graffiti. By having areas for shopping and weekly community gatherings like street fairs will encourage physical activity. Some other aspects are listed below in the chart.

|Housing and zoning |Transportation |Race and ethnicity | |On the north end of the community above |I noticed that there was a trolley that drove |White 62.9% | |foothill Blvd. there are only homes on tree |around the city and according to the community|Black 8.7% | |lined streets well kept older craftsman |website there is a local trolley route.  There|Hispanic 35% | |homes. The central area has many businesses |is also local Dial-a-ride service besides the |Asian 7% | |and sporadically there are apartments. The |local bus.  The city is working with the |American Indian/Alaskan 0.9% | |southern part was mainly industrial with some|county on the Gold line  metro train that |Native Hawaiian 0.1% | |older California style homes, some are not |would be able to take people into LA and work |(U.S. Census Bureau, 2009). | |kept up much. To the west is a mix of |with the LA Metro service. |According to Monrovia City website the | |condominiums and California style homes, | |projected numbers for 2011 are 40,509 | |which are more, kept up. | |residents compared to the 2009 census | | | |results of 35,652 (Monrovia CA, 2009). | |Open space |Service centers |Religion and politics | |There are many parks for baseball soccer |Just outside the old town, area there is |I noticed that there were many churches in | |throughout the city.  One big wilderness |several blocks of locally owned auto repair. |the neighborhood. There is a catholic | |preserve to the north called Monrovia canyon |On Huntington Dr. there are many local family |church where I met my family then there is | |park.  It goes into the forest.  Many people |restaurants. Along the freeway, there are |a Mormon, Baptist, non-denominational, and | |use the vast trails.  There is a fee of 2$ to|several car dealerships and to my surprise, | | |help maintain the trails and services. There |the economy has not closed them down. I |Presbyterian to name a few I saw. | |is a big park located by the community YMCA |shops in the community range from tailors/dry | | |that has a skate park and youth community |cleaners, with palm readers next door, to | | |center.  Great access for after school youth |local attorneys and insurance...
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