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Windshield Survey

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  • September 2012
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Windshield Survey
Roger Dingman
August 15, 2012
Cynthia Sanchez RN, PHN, MSN, FNP

Windshield Survey
The city of Altadena, California, is located north of Pasadena, California, and north of the 210 freeway. The Angeles National Forest boarders Altadena to the north. The point of focus for this windshield survey is Acacia street located on the west side of Altadena. Altadena has a population of 42,777 of which 52.8% are White, 26.9% Hispanic/Latino, and 23.7% African American. The houses in the neighborhood are older, approximately 50 to 60 years of age, and range from very well kept homes to many homes in very bad condition with broken windows, missing doors, and collapsed porches. The same is true with the yards some very well groomed to other yards consisting of just dirt or over grown with weeds, and littered with garbage. Common gathering areas were not seen, most groups were seen sitting on porches seeking shade from the sun. The main bus line has many stops less than one block from Acacia street, giving the people of the neighborhood access to the entire city. Many people were also observed using bicycles and walking through the neighborhood. There were no medical clinics, dentist, or recreation centers found in the neighborhood. There is a grade school and high school in the neighborhood. Hahamongna Watershed Park is a large park on the west side of the city that seemed to be a local hangout for young adults. Several Christian and Catholic churches can be found in the neighborhood. NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, a large industrial complex is located in Altadena. Not many people were observed walking in the area. A couple groups of teenagers and only a few adults were seen walking in the neighborhood. Because of the upcoming election many campaign posters mostly Democrat, were seen in the neighborhood. According to the Los Angeles Sheriff's office there is gang activity in the area, and it would not be advisable to walk in the neighborhood at...

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