Windshield Survey

Topics: Community, Health, Health care Pages: 10 (3096 words) Published: July 11, 2012

|Selected County, State: |Tuscarawas County, Ohio |

Record the data you collect into the following tables. The tables will expand as you type. Community Vitality: Describe the following people that you see in the community. |Briefly describe the selected community in terms of area, location, boundaries, etc: | |I completed the windshield survey in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. I surveyed the community I live in as well as the surrounding county seat of New | |Philadelphia, Ohio. The area I reside in is a more rural area with less occupants than the cities surrounding it. Tuscarawas County is made of of | |mostly rural farming areas with small cities. The county seat in the area, New Philadelphia, Ohio is a larger city in the area with more occupants | |along with more businesses and factories. | |Describe community members including demographic info: age, sex, race and ethnicity (i.e. what sorts of people do you see: young, old, male, female, | |single families, multiple families, generational families, etc?) | |During the windshield survery I saw generational families outside of grocery stores. Mothers with young children that appeared to also be with their | |mother. I passed families with children in car seats. I passed 2 female teenagers jogging on the sidewalk through a downtown area. An older adult | |couple was seen exiting a car parked in a handicapped space with a walker. Middle aged females walking their dogs on sidewalks through town. While | |turning off an exit from the freeway I passed a middle aged homeless male holding a sign asking for donations. | |Does the population in the surrounding community seem to be homogeneous or diverse (as evidenced by – for example – hair styles, clothing, signs in | |languages other than English, restaurants, festivals, etc.)? | |Many of the individuals I noticed seemed homogeneous in appearance. I did notice some community stores with the store name posted in English and in | |Spanish. Going through New Philadelphia I passed a Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and 4 American restaurants. | |Describe healthy lifestyle behaviors observed (i.e. exercise, relaxation, healthy eating, wearing helmets when biking, seat belt usage, etc.). Note | |the age, ethnicity, and race of persons observed participating in healthy lifestyle behaviors. | |When noticing passing vehicles I did observe a family with a young child in a car seat. I was able to see that many of the passengers of vehicles I | |passed were wearing seatbelts. I passed 2 teenagers jogging on sidewalks through the city. I did not directly observe any individuals relaxing I did | |pass a park with benches and a massage therapist organization. |

|Describe any health and/or safety risk behaviors observed (i.e. what are the lifestyle risk behaviors of people). Do you see drinking, smoking, | |fighting, etc.? Do you see overweight/underweight people? Are there indications of safety concerns including: signs of violence, gang, graffiti, | |drug, and/or criminal activities, bars on windows, etc.? Note the age, ethnicity, race of persons observed. | |I did pass vehicles with individuals smoking in them, no windows appeared to be down.There was a large group of male and female adults outside of a |...
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