Windows7 Annotated Webliography

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The annotated webliography provides an overview of relevant information in reference to Windows 7. The webliography’s source data is retrieved from various Internet resources and places emphasis on eight areas pertinent to supporting and troubleshooting Windows 7. They are: (1) installation; (2) system images; (3) hardware and applications; (4) networking; (5) resource access; (6) mobile computing; (7) monitoring and maintenance; and (8) back-up and recovery. The information below provides a high-level synopsis of relevant details retrieved from the websites.

1. Caldwell, C. (2010). Accessing local and network resources in Windows 7, Retrieved November 30, 2012, from

Caldwell (2010) gives an overview of information necessary to access local and network resources within the Windows 7 operating system. He outlined the critical steps using an audio-video presentation. The pertinent topics disclosed cover (1) providing file and folder permissions (2) copying and moving files and (3) encrypting files and folders using encrypting file system (EFS). These three topics are related to working with files’ system as a non-expert end-user. Taken together, the information enables end-users to better understand the benefits of integrating security in order to safeguard files and folders.

Caldwell (2010) also includes a background understanding of how to access shared resources (e.g., folders and printers), configure authentication and authorization, and implement home group and user account controls. His ability to clearly distinguish authentication and authorization eliminated confusion that these two functionalities are not synonymous.

Finally, links to download and try Windows 7 are also available at no cost. The downloads are supported by instructional videos. Therefore, the content is recommended for both the audio-video and instructional components. These resources are particularly useful for Windows 7 users and potential users who want to migrate to the Windows 7 environment.

2. Microsoft (2012). Installing and reinstalling Windows. Retrieved December 1, 2012, from

Microsoft (2012) provides detailed instructions on how to install and reinstall Windows 7. In addition, the website includes details on the process to upgrade a current operating system to Windows 7, and, in doing so, maintain existing files, settings, and programs. Instructions for executing a custom Windows 7 installation; which is commonly referred to as a “clean install” is also provided. In the case of a custom installation, the website advised that current files, settings and programs are not retained.

Also featured on the website are several different tutorials that cover a range of topics, such as procedures to purchase and activate Windows 7. The tutorial on what to do before commencing the Windows 7 installation provides helpful tips to save time and mitigate potential issues inherent to an installation.

Other information useful on the website iterates frequently asked questions used to support and troubleshoot the Windows 7 installation and upgrade process. In particular, the frequently asked questions address common issues, including how to fix a device (e.g., monitor, sound card, or printer).

The website is highly recommended as the information is provided by Microsoft and is therefore; sound, trustworthy and valid. Moreover, the website can serve as a one-stop critical resource for those who require guidance pertaining to Windows 7 installation. Finally, the procedures available on the website include best practices that are value-added to a novice user.

3. Microsoft (2012). Networking home computers running different versions of Windows. Retrieved December 7, 2012, from...
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