Windows Hacking

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Complete Guide for Windows Hacking By Vivek Kumar
Learn to hack like a pro




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1.WHO IS A HACKER ? You must be very familiar with the word "Hacker". Many of us think that a Hacker can steal our password of facebook , gmail, yahoo etc or any other social networking website. But i will say you a Hacker is someone who can not only steal password but who has hidden knowledge of computer technology , which is not normally known by a many people. A hacker is someone who can access your computer without your permission ,who can also change something in your website , who can steal money from banks, who can use your credit cards for online banking etc.


On the basis of how a hacker act while he is doing some unauthorized activities there are 4 types of hackers :-

(a)White Hat Hacker:-These types of hacker only do good activities. They do hacking for good purpose ,mostly for security purposes. (b)Grey Hat Hacker:- Hacker of this type sometimes act as White Hacker and sometimes act as black hacker. They sometimes participates in illegal activities . (c) Black Hat Hacker:- This type of hacker participates in illegal activities only and they can even be punished by government due to their activities if they are caught. (d)Suicide Hacker:- Suicide Hacker are those hacker who don't fear to harm anybody , if they have decided to do something big illegal activities ,they will do , they don't care of getting trap inside jail for their whole life.

3.WHO IS ETHICAL HACKER? White hat hackers are also known as Ethical hackers. They act to protect someone from black hat hackers. They practice Hacking activities for security purpose. An Ethical Hacker should be trust worthy. 4. WHAT ARE THE QUALITITES NEEDED TO BE A HACKER? (a)A Hacker should have sound knowledge of computer . (b) They must have enough knowledge of computer networking. (c)They must know few programming languages such as C,C++,batch programming, perl, java , php, html etc. A real hacker know all these languages properly. (d)They must practice daily something to discover new tricks. (e)They should be handy with internet surfing. 5.THINGS NEEDED IN HACKING LAB BEFORE WE CAN START LEARNING HACKING (a)A hacker should have some computers or laptops with more than 1 GB RAM and more than 2 Ghz processor . NOTE:- If you don't have more than one pc or laptop then don't wory we have an alternative to do this. (i)go to "" and find any Virtual Machine example "vmware" and download it. (ii)You should have image file or Disk of any Operating System like Windows 7 etc then install it using Virtual Machine. I am skipping here how to install in on virtual machine as you can google it or do it from yourself , if you still get problem in doing this .contact me in my website , I will make a post regarding this. (iii)Download an Operating System "BackTrack" which is useful and install it using Virtual Machine. (iv)High Speed internet connection , Either Wired or Wireless . (v)...
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