Window to Paris: Movie Review

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Window to Paris
The film Window to Paris was a humorous comedy that put the serious economic state of Russia into a funny, understandable movie. Throughout the movie you see examples of how Russia is hurting. In the beginning when the big crowd of people was told there is no more vodka, when Nicholi’s friend first shows him the window and they walk around the streets of Paris, his friend constantly points out ways in which the Parisians are fat, greedy, unworthy, and take things for granted. When walking by the meat stand, he states that they have all this meat and no one to buy it. All that meat is going to go bad but the butchers are not willing to give it away. When Nicholi was eating dinner with his friend the violin player, they notice an ordinary couple having dinner behind them. That couple was talking about the food they are eating. When Nicholi and his friend were back in Russia, drinking vodka and sharing one pickle, they were talking about the arts, music, and how to better Russia. It makes me think about how much I take for granted each day here. When I go out to eat I usually talk about how good or bad the food I am served is, what I should be doing is enjoying my life and spending time with my family and friends while out to eat. Most people are not as lucky as me. I enjoyed the Pied Piper act that Nicholi puts on to get the students to listen to him. Granted that the way that the students got back to Russia is virtually impossible nowadays, I still found it humorous how they executed their plan. In conclusion, I found this movie to be quite entertaining and it gave me a great aspect on the differences between Russian humor and American humor.
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