Windhorse Farms

Topics: Success, Case analysis Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Terry Houston
MBA 522-1b2
Professor Watson
November 27, 2012
Executive Summary
The contents of this case analysis include an overall purpose to provide you, Professor Watson, with an understanding of the business problem that Jim Drescher, owner of Windhorse Farm, must make in a matter of a few days. Without rehashing much of the information that was explained within the case, the bottom line is that Mr. Drescher and his wife must identify how they intend to continue making money owning the farm without them supervising the business anymore. The reason being, that they are reaching a point in their lives that require retirement and realization that they will not be around forever. Problem Statement

Above much, the farm is faced with a few main decisions as to how to attack this problem. Among these involve him deciding which product lines he needs to grow, maintain, and/or harvest. This case analysis will identify what alternatives that Mr. Drescher should consider in going forward, considering the “four filters” (economic, environmental, social, and spiritual impacts) in conjunction with my recommendation on what I feel he should decide to do. Analysis of Situation

Acadian Forest Region
The case highlights the importance of the Acadian forest region. Throughout the life of Mr. Drescher’s ownership of the farm, over 95 per cent of the harvesting in the region resulted from cutting trees down, making it 1 of the 6 endangered forests in North America. This comes at an ethical and environmental cost for the farm. Because of the situation, the Dreschers have decided to implement sustainability practices within the region. Among these practices include educating the public about the situation and farm goals through Windhorse Farm School and having “Open Farm Days”. They also implemented organic gardening and alternative energy generation. Because of these newly adopted practices, market interest for continuity of such actions have increased and...
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