Wind of Change

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Article 1
Wind of Change

Change having a consistency since the beginning, the beginning of time. First, the big bang, then our forefathers, then the apple and now the apple again. Now the kinds of changes; passing of the years brought about the change of man from ape, wood age to the current age of technology and speed.

Now to speak about the constant, the social change, Satyagraha, force-love and force-truth. Changing the physiology from resistance and non-violence to patience and self-suffering, through civil disobedience. The latter is the weapon for the weak and includes non-violence and meeting one’s end. The term Satyagraha was coined in South Africa to express the force used in the Indians. Its meaning is to hold onto truth, hence truth-force. And in the application of Satyagraha the pursuit of truth did not admit of violence, but to bring out the sympathy in the opponent. In my opinion, the beauty and efficiency of Satyagraha was so great that, it even preached the children, and also the thousands of men, women commonly called as the indentured Indians, giving excellent results.

Now for the more commonly described change is the change we all have just experienced, from home to the crazy homo sapien zoo. Like all creatures we are the same, but oh, what genetic biodiversity. Firstly, and most abundantly, the crocodile family, you would be astounded to calculate the amount of sleeping hours these specimens can manage to squeeze in a single day. Next to them are , the addicts, whether it is north India South India, The Americas, Africa, and whether it is supplied in groceries or not, there is no escaping that.Tthe most irritating, blood sucking, life disrupting characters, like the animal kingdom again, are the carnivores. Their entire lifestyle can be describes in one word- they ‘eat’. If you make the fatal mistake of leaving your door open, they slip right in, and eat. Eat your food, eat your brain, meddle with things all around your...
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